The city of Lahore known as the city of "ZINDA DILAN" is famous for its night life. People tend to party and have the time of there lifes at night . Lahore is known for its best quality food . Everybody are on their feet either its 2am or 6 in the morning.
Lahore is a special place where usually you will see foriegners at different places like the redlight area which known for the food and the shoes.
Interviews have been taken from different people at different places in LAHORE too actaully see the reviews about the NIGHTLIFE of LAHORE.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Red Light Area (Heera Mandi): Ooops!

Heera Mandi (Diamond Market) is the ancient red light area of Lahore. This place is behind the famous restaurant “Coco’s Den” in the ancient walled city of Lahore. I have not visited this place during the peak “tukdinadin” hours but can share information exchange from gossips. People go there to see girls dancing (mujra) and singing for the clients. Remember drinking is not permitted. From 11pm to 1am, dance performance is permitted by the local authorities and therefore by 11pm doors of visitor rooms in the houses open and girls sit on the sofas providing their full view to the people on the road. Again don’t think they are wearing revealing dresses….hehe!

Warning – Although this business is permitted during said hours but there have been a couple of incidences in the past when the dancers and clients were arrested by the local police, just because the police head was not happy with the monthly “kickback”.

Market Life, Lahore

A list of some of the major shopping areas where you can find abundant street food as well:

1. Mall Road from Alfalah Building to Anarkali Bazar – Pricing: Medium to high

2. Anarkali Bazar (South Asia’s oldest Bazaar) - Pricing: Medium

3. Fortress Stadium – on the Mall Road towards Lahore Cant - Pricing: Medium to high

4. Liberty Market Gulberg Lahore - Pricing: Medium to high

5. Main Boulevard Gulberg; several multi storey buildings on both sides of the road - Pricing: Medium to high

6. Ichara Ferozepur Road Lahore – Pricing: Low

7. Sooha Bazar Shalami inside ancient walled city – Shops selling expensive gold and silver jewelry only

Fortress Stadium & Liberty Market are the most famous night spots of Lahore. All the young girls and guys preffer to go there. There are nice resutrants and shops over there too. Try your luck in a nice friendly manner by smiling at someone. If that person smiles back towards you it means that it is a GREEN signal and now you can approach that person and start conversation.

Otherwise, you may go to old city and see the Red Light area known as 'Shahi Muhala' or 'Hera Mandi' which means diamond Market :> heehehe....

Pic: The fountain in Liberty Market,Gulberg III.

Guys are mostly there waiting to see a nice girl and then trying their luck ;-) Some of them r really successful too. Some modern girls are very open, broad minded n liberal and they would even do not mind going on bed with you on first date.... hahahha.... Its all what I've heard from my friends :-)

Casual Wear. No Shorts Please! Be fashionable. Wear Attractive bright colours with a nice perfume :-)

Cinemas in Lahore.....

Pakistan film industry in Lahore used to be one of the top in South Asia. Lahore was city of cinemas.Abott Rd & Mcleod Rd( notably at their junction at Lakshami Chowk) Have numbers of Cinemas showing English & Urdu-language films.Gulistan, Abott Rd, Palaza, Fatima jinnah Rd, And Regal, The Mall, are the the best bit for fairly recent English-language films.... Pakistan film industry in Lahore used to be one of the top in South Asia. Lahore is city of cinemas.